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At Grant Public Schools, we appreciate our involved parents and community members. We also enjoy broadcasting our latest news and information here on our News page, where we will chronicle school activities and student achievements and publish announcements. We’ll also offer helpful resources and information. So check back often; we’ll update it regularly.

Important Parent/Guardian Resources

Recent tragic news about school shootings fills us all with tremendous sadness. It is every person’s worst nightmare that in a place where we strive to give children the safest environment possible, the worst can happen.

Newaygo County has taken tremendous strides in the last several months to implement as many safeguards against these types of tragedies as possible. These include Grant Public Schools' involvement in a Countywide Threat Assessment Training with all schools, all branches of law enforcement, and the Newaygo County Emergency Management Team. We always review our Crisis Response Plan with local police to ensure consistency and transparency of communication. Our buildings run several safety drills throughout the year, and we have had several Safety Review meetings with the aforementioned entities in the county that focus specifically on school safety and crisis response.

Our student and staff safety always is, and always will be, our top priority. We also know that our students are aware of the news, and it can be very challenging as parents to discuss the tragedies that have occurred with their children. There are several resources available to help. Please know that our school counselors, social workers, and all professional staff are willing to help our students at any time if they are experiencing feelings of uncertainty or fear.