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GPS News

At Grant Public Schools, we appreciate our involved parents and community members. We also enjoy broadcasting our latest news and information here on our News page, where we will chronicle school activities and student achievements and publish announcements. We’ll also offer helpful resources and information. So check back often; we’ll update it regularly.

New Superintendent Hired

At the May 20 meeting, the board of education voted unanimously to begin contract negotiations with Brett Zuver to become the next superintendent of schools. We anticipate that Mr. Zuver will assume duties on July 1.

We sincerely believe that Mr. Zuver will be an excellent leader for our district. His passion toward his work and his dedication to students and staff were apparent throughout the interview process.

The board is deeply grateful to parents, community members, and staff members who participated throughout this process. We are thankful to the dozens who attended the interviews and provided valuable input to the board.

Facility Improvement Survey

In the winter of 2017, the board of education commissioned TowerPinkster to provide a facility assessment of our district sites and buildings. This report identified $28 million in infrastructure needs over the next five to 15 years. 

Recently, the school district has been holding a series of community forums to solicit input on our facility needs and direction. We have also decided to provide this survey so that all voters can have an opportunity to provide feedback and help shape our future direction. As a result of these forums, several community and staff members have also indicted that our indoor athletics facilities are not adequate to support our students or our programs. 

Please take a moment to complete our online survey below. We appreciate your time and input.

Proposed 2019 Bond Information

During the winter of February 2017, the board of education wanted an assessment of our facilities and grounds to be completed to determine where we have been, where we are and what we need to consider as we move forward. The district contracted with TowerPinkster and Owen-Ames-Kimball Co. (O.A.K.) to conduct a facilities study during the first week of April (spring break). Please visit our Proposed 2019 Bond Information page for updates on the proposed bond.

Update on Cancellation of School and Snow/Ice Days

Dear GPS Families and Friends,

With the sun breaking through the clouds, I am hopeful that we are through the worst part of this extremely unusual winter season. As you know, we have canceled school a total of twelve times. Since the last update, administration and the board have had conversations of how we can address the loss of instructional time and meet the requirements of days and hours set by the state.

Because we live in Michigan, which means wait five minutes and the weather will change, the following plan is only phase one. If we were to have more cancellations or delays, we would need to add on phase two to make-up the difference.

Phase One:
A. Due to the uniqueness of the year, we will not be making up the first six canceled days.
B. We have made the decision that we will make up canceled days seven, eight, and nine.

  • As we shared earlier, we will be in school on the Friday before Memorial Day, May 24.
  • We will extend the last week of school so the new tentative last day is Friday, June 7.
  • This way, we make up some instructional time while using our options to meet the state requirements of days and hours of instruction.

Phase Two:
A. The district has received approval for the waiver of days ten through twelve, and we are holding this as a trump card and hope to be able to use it to prevent extending the school year any longer than needed, which is now set to end on Friday, June 7.
B. If we get to the point of having to add more days and time due to more cancellations or delays, we will do our best to keep you informed as quickly as possible. 
C. If we do not need to go into the second week of June, we will not. Keep your fingers and toes crossed. However, please be advised that it is still a possibility, and they require us to have a high attendance rate to count the day, or we would lose state funding.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


Jonathan M. Whan