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Office Hours: 6:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
Days: Monday–Friday
300 East 120th Street
Grant, MI 49327
Phone: (231) 834-5964


If you have an emergency, please call us as soon as possible and make sure you talk to someone in the Transportation department directly. Also, call the school office. We would rather have two notes to the drivers involved to make sure the student is where he/she is supposed to be. 

If you need help in an emergency after 5:30 p.m., please leave a message and someone will call you back.

Boy getting on school bus


Our Transportation Department is responsible for the safe and efficient transport of students and district employees. Our bus drivers follow all state regulations regarding school bus operation and traffic laws. You can rest easy knowing that your child’s safety is our top priority. 

To ensure a safe school year for every Grant student, please review the information on this page with your child. If we can be of any assistance, please call or email.


  • Please fill out the Transportation Form at the beginning of the year or to make changes during the school year. Be sure to choose only one place on the form for morning pick-up and one for the afternoon drop-off. You may choose different locations (home or sitter) for pick-up and drop-off, but it must be the same place all week. 

  • If you do need to make changes for your child’s transportation during the year, we ask for 48 hours notice. We cannot make any changes for the ride home after 2:00 p.m., even in an emergency. In that case, you should meet the child at his/her normal drop location, or call the office and pick them up there. 

  • If high school or middle school students miss the bus from their building in the afternoon, they may not catch it at one of the other school buildings. They should report back to the office of their own school for instructions.

  • Students should wait for the bus out at the stop and not inside or on the porch. They should be out five to 10 minutes before the bus is due to arrive. 

  • If your child does not require bus transportation in the morning (i.e., if he/she is sick), please call and leave a message at (231) 834-5964 at least one hour before the bus normally arrives so the driver knows not to wait or call you. 

  • We do not allow students to ride home with other students, except in an extreme emergency. We run a very efficient bus system, so our buses are generally filled to capacity.


Donna Roberts
Transportation Director
P: (231) 834-5964
Ext. 5590
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Henry Grabe 
Mechanic (Bus/Garage)
P: (231) 834-5964
Ext. 5592
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VJ Scarbrough
Transportation Office Aide/Dispatcher
P: (231) 834-5964
Ext. 5591
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