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Why is Grant Public Schools using Google Apps and Gmail for our email?

There are a number of reasons we are making the move to why we are making the move.

One and most important is the service is 100% free to education. We receive top of the line anti spam service through Google, worry free maintenance, great technical support if needed 24/7/365.25. Every staff member and all students will have emails under one umbrella. This is critical this year for the high school with every student having iPads to communicate with their teachers.

With the added bonus not only will we have email, Google Apps offers Google Drive. This is a cloud service that gives every user 30GB of storage. We will be moving staff members “u” drivers to their Google Drive. This will give you complete control of your files. No matter where you are. Online or offline they will be there for you.

Within Google Drive, Google allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and so much more…

Any staff member has the ability to share any file that they have in their Google Drive with anyone with our GPS family. This will come in handy for teachers if they have an assignment for their students. Instead of printing it off and handing it to them. Just share the assignment with them and it’s theirs in the matter of seconds.

Calendars are available for staff members to use and share out with any staff member or student as needed.

Google Sites will be available for all staff members and students if you wish to create your own classroom website, etc.…


Who does this change affect?

The change will affect every user and student in Grant Public Schools


Will your email address change?

No, you will still be using your normal email address? (ie.


How will I be using the new email?

One of two ways. You can go to, sign in with your email address as the user name and your password. If you have not logged in before your default password is gps2013. After logging in for the first time you will be prompted to change your password. It will have to be at least 8 characters long.


If you're not familiar to how Gmail works please watch this 5 minute video.


To use on the iPads refer to this video on how to setup your Gmail account to use with the iPad Mail App


How can I access my old emails?

Your old emails, personal contacts, and calendar events will be migrated over to your Gmail account.

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